Seed Grants

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute seed grants support high-potential research that could create new fundamental knowledge and to translate cardiovascular research from the laboratory to the patient.


The CVI is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's ten 2014 CVI Seed Grants.


The CVI and CHRI are pleased to announce the recipients of this year's eight 2013 (FY14) CVI Seed Grants.


This year, the CVI is funding a record twelve seed grants, with the generous help of the Lucile Packard Hospital. The funded proposals reflect the breadth and vision of the CVI - which is determined to be the international leader in cardiovascular research, education and health.


Eight seed grants were awardeed in 2011.


Five $50,000 seed grants were awarded in 2010 addressing the question: How does the cardiovascular system age?


Thirty-nine interdisciplinary seed grant project proposals were received by the 08 May 2009 deadline. Six winners were announced in July 2009.


In February 2008, seed grant awards went to eight broad interdisciplinary research teams.


Stanford Cardiovascular Institute accelerated novel interdisciplinary research with 2007 seed grants, awarding $200,000 in five seed grants to exciting new interdisciplinary collaborations of CVI members.


The Stanford Cardiovsacular Institute awarded $250,000 in five seed grants of $50,00 each to fund unique interdisciplinary collaborations of CVI members.