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Medical student education is a major focus of education and training in the Cardiovascular Institute. Institute faculty developed a program unique to the Cardiovascular Institute to introduce medical students to research and clinical issue. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary (CVP) Sciences is an Application of the Scholarly Concentration program of the Stanford Medical School.  At the end of the 2006 academic year, eighteen medical students declared CVP as their scholarly application (five in their third year of Medical school, thirteen in their second year).

The core class of the CVP is MED223 - Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Science Journal Club. The class is a weekly modified journal club that meets on Wednesdays for 1.5 hours in the Falk Cardiovascular Research Building Library. The course is lead by a Cardiovascular Institute team of four faculty: Stan Rockson, MD; Marlene Rabinovitch, MD; and Phil Tsao, PhD. Each session is comprised of (A) a faculty member presenting an overview of a selected area, (B) a postdoctoral fellow or an advanced medical student presenting a seminal paper germane to the topic, chosen by the faculty member and fellow, (C) general discussion involving all attendees, and (D) medical students and faculty member concluding with questions and discussion. Attended by medical students, fellows, faculty, and research staff, many MED223 lectures are "standing room only." CVP students take the class for three quarters. In 2006/07, the number of medical students taking the class for credit averaged twelve.          

Cardiovascular Institute Seminar Series: The Stanford Cardiovascular Institute hosts a seminar series inviting distinguished visiting professors, who are leading figures in all areas of cardiovascular-related research.

Additionally, the Cardiovascular Institute hosts two retreats annually with visiting professors and posters presented by our fellows and students. The meetings are timed to occur just before the nation's two largest scientific sessions, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology meetings. The Stanford Cardiovascular Institute AHA and ACC preview events permit students and fellows to practice their presentations, as well as to inform Stanford research colleagues about intramural research.

The Cardiovascular Institute Education and Training Committee is charged with overseeing and defining the educational aspect of the Cardiovascular Institute and its goals. The committee includes representatives of the major cardiovascular disease areas. Members meet on a quarterly basis.

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