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Education of future leaders in science and cardiovascular medicine is central to the mission of the Cardiovascular Institute. Institute faculty are involved in all levels of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral education within the Stanford School of Medicine. In addition to didactic courses, scholarly areas and concentrations, third- and fourth-year medical students are offered numerous cardiovascular-related clinical clerkships and independent studies in advanced topics in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Please see Fellowships for a wide variety of cardiovascular clinical and research fellowship opportunities.

Cardiovascular-Pulmonary (CVP) Sciences Concentration

The Institute debuted a cardiovascular-pulmonary concentration in September of 2005. Including prescribed coursework and directed research, the Interdisciplinary and Integrative Concentration in Cardiovascular-Pulmonary (CVP) Medicine is co-directed by a team of four faculty from Cardiovascular Medicine and Pediatric Cardiology: Patricia Nguyen, MD; Marlene Rabinovitch, MD; Stanley Rockson, MD; and Philip Tsao, PhD. The CVP Concentration is designed to meet the need for greater integration of education and research efforts in cardiovascular biology, improved transfer of knowledge between the various disciplines that constitute this research field, and accelerated application of basic information to clinical practice. The program curriculum encompasses both clinical and basic science experiences and fosters independent research and scholarship.

The goal of the cardiovascular and pulmonary concentration is to educate a new generation of basic and clinician-investigators to have a broad understanding of CVP Medicine and Biology and to be able to apply cutting edge technology to clinically relevant questions. The concentration's focus is understanding the heart and the lungs as an integrated system, and to develop a multidisciplinary approach to design more effective diagnostic tools and more selective treatments.

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing medical education emphasizes interdisciplinary new knowledge that will advance translation into preventive strategies and diagnostic methods for cardiovascular disease. Upwards of 30 regularly scheduled cardiovascular-related lectures, journal clubs, and seminars are ongoing at Stanford. Please see the Seminar Information section below for a master calendar of regularly scheduled cardiovascular-related seminars, grand rounds, lectures, and journal clubs.

Seminar Information

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